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Big Springs Charter School

Staff Directory


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Staff Directory and Contact Information

District Staff and Administration

            Name                         Position                                                       Email Address                                                        Phone Number

Mr. Albert Hernandez         District Superintendent                             ahernandez@bigspringscharterschool com      830-232-7101

Dr. Carmen Boatright        Brune Campus Administrator                   crboatright@bigspringscharterschool com         830-232-7102

Mrs. Kelly Bluemel             Cailloux/Najim Campus Administrator   kmartin@bigspringscharterschool.com               830-367-6117

Mrs. Tabitha Reeh             District Special Education Director          treeh@bigspringscharterschool.com                   830-367-1403

Mr. Cody Pape                    District Technology Director                     cpape@bigspringscharterschool.com                 830-232-7101

Mrs. Kelly Meredith            District Testing/PEIMS Coordinator        kmeredith@bigspringscharterschool.com          830-232-7103

Mr. Terry Bage                   Human Resources Director                      tbage@bigspringscharterschool.com                   830-367-4330

Mrs. Vivian Bage               Finance Director                                         vbage@bigspringscharterschool.com                  830-367-4330


Brune Charter School

            Name                            Position                                                        Email Address                                                       Phone Number

Mrs. Tonya Pannell                Campus Director of Student Services    tpannell@bigspringscharterschool.com           830-232-7108

Mrs. Letty Navarro                   Special Education Coordinator              lnavarro@bigspringscharterschool.com           830-232-7162

Mr. Chris Dillard                      Athletics Director                                        cdillard@bigspringscharterschool.com            830-232-7141

Mr. Tripp Davenport                HS Science Teacher                                 tdavenport@bigspringscharterschool.com                           

Mrs. Sandra Perez                  HS Math Teacher                                       sandra.perez@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mr. Greg Neal                          HS Social Studies Teacher                      gneal@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mr. John Collis                        HS ELA Teacher                                         jcollis@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mr. James Horrall                   MS Science Teacher                                  jhorrall@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mrs. Jessica Chisum              MS Math Teacher                                        jchisum@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mr. Jose De La Cruz              MS Social Studies Teacher                       jdelacruz@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mrs. Regina Phillips              MS ELA Teacher                                          rphillips@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mrs. Monica Hernandez       K -2nd Grade Teacher                                mhernandez@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mrs. Deidra Peck                    3rd and 4th Grade Teacher                       dpeck@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mr. Rick Boatright                   Special Education Teacher                       rboatright@bigspringscharterschool.com


Cailloux/Najim Charter School

            Name                            Position                                                      Email Address                                                      Phone Number

Mrs. Leslie Ozuna              Campus Director of Student Services     lozuna@bigspringscharterschool.com               830-367-6158

Mr. Jason Blewett               HS Science Teacher                                   jblewett@bigspringscharterschool.com                                   

Ms. Aleis Silva                     HS Math Teacher                                       asilva@bigspringscharterschool.com

Ms. Shelley Eiteman          HS Social Studies Teacher                      seiteman@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas     HS ELA Teacher                                         ethomas@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mrs. Jill Civello                    Behavior Class Teacher                           jcivello@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mr. Fred Cervantes            MS Science Teacher                                 fcervantes@bigspringscharterschool.com

Ms. Wendy Saldivar           MS Math Teacher                                       wsaldivar@bigspringscharterschool.com

Ms. Megan Reed                MS Social Studies Teacher                       mreed@bigspringscharterschool.com

Mrs. Tanya Castro              3rd and 4th Grade Teacher                       tcastro@bigspringscharterschool.com

Kaitlin Frausto                    K-2nd Grade Teacher                                  kfrausto@bigspringscharterschool.com


Enhanced Horizons

            Name                            Position                                                    Email Address                                                     Phone Number

Ms. Libby Scarlett               E.H. Academics Teacher                    lscarlett@bigspringscharterschool.com                830-367-4330

Ms. Letty Aguirre                 E.H. Case Manager                             aguirre@bigspringscharterschool.com                  830-367-4330