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Big Springs Charter School



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Legal Framework

PG-6.1 Administration.pdf

PG-6.2 Admission Review and Dismissal Committee.pdf

PG-6.3 Adult Student.pdf

PG-6.4 Ages 0-5.pdf

PG-6.5 Child Find Duty.pdf

PG-6.6 Children who Transfer.pdf

PG-6.7 Closing the Gap.pdf

PG-6.8 Consent and Prior Written Notice.pdf

PG-6.9 Coordination of Funds to Purchase Instructional Materials.pdf

PG-6.10 Discipline and Restraint Time-Out.pdf

PG-6.11 District and Campus Improvement Plans-1.pdf

PG-6.12 Dyslexia.pdf

PG-6.13 Evaluation - Eligibility.pdf

PG-6.14 Evaluation.pdf

PG-6.15 Funding - Federal Funding Compliance.pdf

PG-6.16 Funding - Noneducational Services.pdf

PG-6.17 Funding - Shared Services Arrangements.pdf

PG-6.18 Funding - State Allotments.pdf

PG-6.19 Graduation Plan.pdf

PG-6.20 Nondiscrimination.pdf

PG-6.21 Parent .pdf

PG-6.22 Private School Children.pdf

PG-6.23 Records Retention and Destruction.pdf

PG-6.24 Records.pdf 

PG-6.25 Referral for Possible Special Education Services.pdf

PG-6.26 Video Surveillance Procedures.pdf

PG-6.27 General and Fiscal Guidelines.pdf